React hooks and why should they get you “hooked” ?

1. Wrapper hell

2. Huge components

3. Confusing classes

Let’s try out various hooks while comparing classes to hooks.


useState “Gotchas.”

  • When we call the function to update the state, it queues a re-render of the component.
  • You can have multiple state variables with useState
  • On the contrary of the previous setState, useState replaces state objects instead of merging them.
  • If you are using an object as state, when you are setting state, you can spread the state to avoid losing properties.


  • On render subscribeToStore
  • On component unmount unsubscribeFromStore

useEffect “Gotchas.”

  • If no dependencies array is passed the effect will run every re-render
  • You can return a function from our effect — it will be doing the clean up.
  • If an empty dependencies array is passed we aren’t watching any changes so the effect will only run on the first render.
  • Try avoiding objects in the dependencies array as if they aren’t memoized then the references will change on every re-render forcing that effect to run unexpectedly.


useContext “Gotchas.”

  • Component that is subscribed to the changes of context re-renders when any of the context values change (as you would expect).

Some more less used hooks




Rules of Hooks

Call Hooks only at the top level

A Hook name must start with “use”

A Hook must be called from a function component or from another Hook

Thanks for reading!




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